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Mooer GTRS W900 Rosewood Neck - Aurora Pink

Mooer GTRS W900 Rosewood Neck - Aurora Pink

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After MOOER started shaking up the guitar market with the GTRS Guitar in 2021, things are about to get more interesting with the latest headless, fanned-fret model guitars aimed at modern guitarists or those who need something a bit more compact.

The W800/900 Series guitars are built exclusively in the GTRS Guitar Workshop which specializes in the design and assembly of high-end GTRS models, displaying the craftsmanship of MOOER's luthiers.

The W, or Wing, 800 and 900 models both feature a compact, alder body with modern curves with a weight reduced to 2.5kg (5.5 lbs). The key differences between W900 and other models in the series comes with the W Series' unique, built-in UHF wireless transmitter designed to function with a GWU4 receiver and subsequently allowing for a cable-free playing experience, with fewer devices to manage and a functional range of up to 15 meters. This system also pairs well with the GTRS PTNR amplifier with the GWU4 receiver comes with the W900 series, which can act as a rich, compact monitor due to all effects processing being handled by the GTRS effects module built-in to the guitar itself.

The W800/900 guitars also include an extended 24 fanned-fret fingerboard, a speedy roasted flame maple C-shaped maple neck, Indian rosewood fingerboard, three-way pickup selector switch (can double as a guitar sim switch), and the GTRS intelligent process system (W800 G100、W900 G150) which boasts an increased battery life of 10 hours (W800), 12 hours (W900, 9 hours with wireless engaged). Both guitars also feature the proprietary GTRS HL-l bridge system to keep everything nice and in tune and a brushed metal pick guard for an ultra-premium and durable feel.

Moving away from the S-S-H configuration of the S and P series guitars, the W series comes with custom GTRS HM-2N and HM-2B humbucking pickups specifically designed to work with the GTRS intelligent process system but can also pump out rich tones even when the system is disengaged. The W Series is also fully compatible with other GTRS accessories including the GTRS PTNR amplifier, GTRS Footswitch, and GTRS PTNR wireless devices.
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