The Guitar Tech is a full service centre for guitars. We have skilled techs who can attend to any job, large or small, and a network of connections for anything that goes beyond the facilities we have available in store.

Guitar Repairs

Did your beloved Les Paul get knocked over by the cat? Did your niece drop your prized acoustic guitar? You're not alone, and all is not lost. Whether your expensive vintage instrument got damaged, or your brand new budget guitar has a faulty jack, we can resolve most things in store for you and anything requiring dedicated facilities can be arranged. The best thing to do is bring the guitar in so we can assess it and give you advice on your options.

Upgrades & Mods

Fancy putting some new pickups in your guitar but don't fancy learning which end of the soldering iron you really shouldn't hold? Maybe you've always wanted to add that killswitch to your 70's Strat for Tom Morello inspired moments? We can do most modifications you can dream up and what's better, we can also get hold of most parts such as switches and pickups and anything else you desire.


We have a spray booth offsite where we can refinish your favourite guitar in the colour you've always wished it could be. Everyone has different requirements here so your best off bringing your instrument in and we'll sit with you and work out the details.

Custom Builds

Maybe you're the kind of person that doesn't want to fit in? Maybe you have a really clear idea in your head of what you want in a guitar but no one makes it? If that sounds like you, then we offer a custom build service where we can spec out and build your dream guitar from scratch. Bare in mind, bespoke instruments are not a budget option and we're unlikely to be able to build you a dream superstrat for £20 and a Snickers. But we are always open to discussing your dreams and helping you work out how much that dream will cost.