Maidstone's Home of Beautiful New & Used Guitars

Offering a range of new and used instruments and equipment, as well as accessories and supplies to keep you gigging or playing at home. Whether you have just one guitar, or you're an all-out collector of premium vintage instruments, there's something to wet your appetite here.

Or maybe you already have your dream guitar and it could just use a little TLC? We can do that for you too, no problem. Anything from new strings to a major setup overhaul, just come and see us and we'll figure out what's best for you.

  • Pre-Owned Guitars

    We stock a wide variety of pre-owned guitars. Everything from quality starter guitars to premium and vintage instruments from the biggest brands in the world like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and PRS.

    Pre-Owned Guitars 
  • The Workshop

    Anything from a simple restring to a full refinish, we can make your guitar just the way you've always wanted it. Setups, pickup swaps, crazy killswitches and other wiring mods, it's all on the table.

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  • Amp Repairs

    We can repair your tech! Amps, pedals, you name it, we can fix it. You can email us or drop your items off to the shop and we'll take a look. If we can't fix it, at least you'll know it's truly beyond help.

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