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Tonerider Vintage Plus

Tonerider Vintage Plus

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The Vintage Plus is set is the perfect "all rounder". The neck model offers warmth and clarity, whilst the bridge pickup can handle everything from country licks to classic rock.

The bridge pickup is wound on a grey fibreboard bobbin and wrapped with white string, and a copper-plated ferrous baseplate. The Alnico rod pole pieces are staggered in height, with a higher third and fourth string.

The neck pickup features our in-house Nickel-Silver cover for tonal transparency, and we include wood screws for direct mounting to the body, and two #4/40 pan head screws for use when mounting the pickup to a pickguard.

Each pickup is fully wax potted to reduce any microphonic feedback, and comes supplied with screws, latex height adjustment tubing and an installation guide.

Neck 7.4k / Bridge 6.8k, Alnico 5

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